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5 Accessories for Your Winter Motorcycle Holiday

If you’re looking to get away for a little bit but don’t want to spend money on a plane ticket, it might be a good idea to go on a winter motorcycling holiday with a few mates. Quite a few people put their motorcycles into hibernation for the winter, but with the right amount of preparation, the winter months are as good a time as any to go on a biking holiday.

Before you go, it’s essential you make sure that your motorcycle is in 100% working order, and perhaps get it fully serviced before you leave. It’d also be a good idea to put on winter tyres if you haven’t already, as the U.K. winter roads can do damage to your bike if you don’t. After that, you’ll be good and ready to go.

Here are 5 essential accessories to take with you:

  1. Puncture Tyre Repair Kit

£23.99 on Amazon

It’d be an absolute nightmare to have a punctured tyre in the middle of nowhere. If you don’t already have one, a puncture tyre repair kit is extremely useful to have on hand so that you can finish a long day on the road riding as opposed to calling roadside assistance.

The Gear Gremlin GG170 Tyre Repair Kit is a nifty little kit which you can store under your seat and comes at a good price at £23.99 with free delivery in the UK. It’s suitable for repairs up to 6mm in diameter, and also contains three C02 canisters so that you don’t have to bring a pump with you.

  1. A Waterproof Backpack

£67.00 & FREE Delivery on Amazon

You’ll be bound to encounter rain, especially in the U.K. winter months. A waterproof backpack is a perfect accessory to bring on your trip and ensures that all your belongings and valuables stay dry even in the worst of the U.K. rain.

The Kriega DryBag US10 is £67.71 on Amazon. The bag has a 10 litre capacity and a 100% waterproof body. The DryBag also has quick release hooks so that you can attach the bag easily to your bike’s subframe, and can also be added to other Kriega US-DryBags to create a modular luggage system if one bag isn’t enough.


  1. Winter Cycling Gloves


£140.30 on Amazon

Cold weather can affect your concentration when riding, so it’s essential that you stay warm and dry on your trip with adequate layers of clothing. Besides this, winter cycling gloves are a great accessory to bring along with you to ensure that your hands stay warm. Riding in the winter without proper gloves can make your hands become cold, numb, and stiff, which can be dangerous as it makes it harder to control your throttles and brakes.

The Rev It Tauras Gloves GTX may be pricey at £189.99, but they’re worth every penny. These gloves are insulated with Primaloft Gold, which is the warmest man-made fibre that exists. The Gore-Tex lining is not only waterproof, which stops water from entering the glove and heat from escaping, but it’s also breathable, which means that your hands won’t overheat and become sweaty. The gloves also include a connected fingertip and visor wiper, which means that you won’t have to take them off when wiping your visor or using your phone.  


  1. LED Head Torch


£18.18 & FREE UK Delivery on Amazon

If you’re not much bothered by the cold and want to try your hand at camping while on your trip, then an LED head torch is a great gadget to bring along to light the way and make your life a little easier.

The Petzl Tikkina Headlamp is a great and reliable head torch, and is currently £16.88 on Amazon. It’s comfortable to wear, offers a maximum brightness of 150 lumens, and has a long-lasting battery life of 60 hours in its two standard bright modes. It’s also very easy to use – it only contains a single button which you use to navigate around its three beam modes: proximity, movement, and distance vision. The torch is naturally powered by three AAA batteries, but it’s also a hybrid headlamp, which means that you have the option to buy a core rechargeable battery if you’d like to transform it into a rechargeable head torch.

  1. Portable GPS System

Was £349.99, now £279.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK on Amazon

If you’d like to upgrade from using a map or a phone to navigate your way around the roads, then this might be the perfect opportunity to buy a portable GPS system.

The TomTom Rider 420 is £279.99 on Amazon, and may very well change the way you ride. The device is waterproof, has a touchscreen of 4.3”, and has up to 6 hours of battery. It contains features such as Lifetime European Maps, Lifetime TomTom Traffic which gives you routes that avoid traffic in real-time, and Lifetime Speed Cameras. With this device, you can also avoid boring straight roads and find the most exciting winding roads to ride, and you can also select how challenging and windy you’d like your route to be. If that isn’t enough you can also connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth to allow for hands-free calling.

Excellent as always from TomTom. Clear screen, easy to read on the go and links to my crash helmet unit via Bluetooth without problem.” – Stu, 5 stars

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