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a row of motorcycles covered in snow

Best value ‘must-have’ motorcycle accessories in the January sales.

Adventures through January sales.

When we reach the first month of the year, after the climax of Christmas and expensive festivities, we all seem to be skint and hitting the January blues. One of the good things about the beginning of the year though is all of the offers and sales on across a lot of different companies and business’ that reduce their items by an incredible percentage! On Amazon, there is a selection with savings too good to be true; it’s your lucky day because they’re all listed below…

A Helmet camera

You can make a tremendous saving of £384.04 on a motorcycle helmet camera, as it has been reduced from £450.00 to £65.96! The Geekam camera has a remote dual screen, and it is also waterproof, meaning that riding in the rainy English weather won’t affect it or cause you any problems! It’s great for those who want to take journeys through scenic routes and be able to look at it all over again.
You can find it here:

picture of a selection of mini video cameras for motorcycles
Was £450! Now only £65.96 with free delivery.

Tank bag

On Amazon, you can save 59% on a KIWISE tank bag that is waterproof and magnetic and is only £19.00 reduced from £48.99. Look at that saving! Not only is this convenient as it has four pockets which are handy for your valuables, but it also has a transparent pocket on the top of it where you can put your phone. Now there will be no worrying of getting lost because you can navigate from your phone safely and easily! Perfect!
Take a look at it here:

Tank bag in black for motorcycles
Now only £19.99 and free UK delivery on Amazon

Phone holder

If you still need the navigation but don’t want the whole tank bag don’t worry – you can be catered for, too. There is a motorcycle phone mount that is £11.99 reduced from £29.98, and that is a 60% saving! Even better; It has a 5* review! A user stated:
“This product is amazing; fits nicely on your bike handlebars and holds your phone nice and tight so no chance of it falling off. It also comes with a spare strap in case the first one breaks, but it is very durable so I doubt it would break.”
Buy it here:

Mobile phone holster for motorcycles

Only £11.99 on Amazon

Bike security

If you are driving regularly to different locations and you need to park in areas you don’t know that well, it’s important for that extra security. You can buy a brake lock which has an alarm sound with a 46% saving. Mysbiker has a disc brake lock for sale which is priced at just £26.99, and it was previously selling at £49.99. What a considerable saving!
One review on Amazon said: “It’s loud and sensitive and saved me a lot of money!” 

And another said: “It fits perfectly through the holes in my disk and quickly tells you it’s armed. I knocked it to test it, and it’s brilliant. The alarm is so, so loud – I couldn’t believe it! It fits neatly under the seat ready for when I need it! I have recommended to many friends!”

Take a look at it here:

Motorcycle safety lock

Now only £26.99

Keep yourself charged

If you’re going to be using your phone for navigation, you might need to take some power with you for those long road trips. This Cimiva portable charger is reduced from £18.99 to £8.99 and has 2 charging points and its waterproof as well. It comes with a mounting bracket which you can fit onto your motorcycle for convenience, to charge your phone whilst you’re looking at it. A whole £10 saving for everything you could need!
You can find it here:

charging cable for motorcycles
Over 50% off on Amazon

So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick and get buying!