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Hamburg mogo

Celebrate with Pride the 35th Anniversary of MOGO Hamburg

The biggest group ride in Germany

The bikes are well and ready. The riders enthusiastic. Another year bring a greater adventure. June 10th is beginning of the 35th Hamburg MOGO celebration. Nothing says biker friendly than a group of 30,000 motorcyclists from Germany and neighbouring countries converging outside St. Michaelis church for a church service.

After the service, they gather at Hamburg Michel for celebrations. This year’s festivities start in April and end in September.

This German motorcycling tour began in 1983 where Pastor ReinHoldHintze held a service for bikers. His intention was a partnership between the police and bikers. Pastor Erick Faehling held the tradition from 1996 and participants grew to 25,000. Pastor Lars Lemke took over in 2014.

hamburg mogo

The Hamburg MOGO group parked up

The 2017 MOGO meetups saw the convoy snake their way from Rodingsmarkt to Reeperbahn, then Elbbrucken then exits at the junction Dibbersen. The arrival at Buchholz culminates the activities including stunt shows, live music, bike races and chainsaw carving. The activities are exhilarating and colourful. Previously the festival was held at Kaltenkirchen but construction work along A7 meant a change of destination to Buchholz. There were 20 lorries available to protect the convoy in an effort to meet terror protections requirements.

Nador, a biker said this about Mogo Hamburg 2017 “this was a fantastic experience to attend the service today and then drive with about 30,000 two-wheelers in the convoy from Hamburg to Buchholz / Nordheide in great weather. There were even several Burgis, I counted 8, unfortunately only the Bugi seen without a driver. I can only say everyone in the vicinity, take part, it’s a great experience. Hopefully, the MOGO will take place in 2018. I’m back again”.

The 2016 MOGO was held at Kaltenkirchen where bands Boerney& the Tri Tops and Razzmattazz made the party more enjoyable. ADAC and BMW gave safety training tips and improvement of driving skills. The children had a bouncing castle to keep their adrenaline moving.

Like all gatherings, a semblance of order is important.  Safety was key and all participants knew that. Driving safety training was courtesy of driving safety centre Luneburg which provides great coaches.

hamburg mogo

This gathering is the largest of its kind worldwide due to the thousands of participants and over 200 helpers.

What can we expect in the 2018 MOGO?

1st April begins the MOGO Husum.   Traditionally the start of the biker season, Husum hosts thousands of motorcyclists. The biker service consists of weddings and sometimes baptism for children. At least 5,000 participate in the service and hundreds of tourists and locals wait in anticipation for the arrival of the bikers’ parade at St. Mary’s Church.

April 20, live music at Rondo shopping centre in Rendsburg.

May 27th there’ll be a lap row at Elmsorn and another around St. Nicolai on the 27th.

June 10th they meet at Hamburg Michel at 12.30. 35 years of a growing tradition is a great achievement and the bikers intend to celebrate this with pride. They exit to Buchholz and on the 17th arrive at Maria Magdalenen church.

The Hamburg MOGO is one of the biggest events in Europe bringing together bikers, helpers and sponsors. You can offer your service as a helper to give out folders and guides, assist in preparation and transport. You can also support the MOGO financially by donating through “mobile collecting box” or buy SOS sticker.

Need a little extra help organising your trip to the Hamburg Mogo – Read about our top recommended motorcycle holiday planners.

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