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Plan your Spanish motorcycle adventure holiday

You watched Easy Rider, or you heard about George Clooney’s yearly motorcycle adventure with his best friend. It’s made you want to hop on that motorcycle and take it on the road less travelled. It’s the epitome of joy, freedom and adventure.

Motorbiking through Spain is a popular holiday choice, with many people taking to the open road to enjoy stunning vistas. It’s a great way to see more of the Spanish region, gaze out at the Mediterranean and Atlantic, experience local culture, and taste the freedom that comes with riding a bike.

Yello flowers and curves everywhere


Spain is one of the best places in the world to go on a motorcycle adventure, with its amazing mountain ranges and beautiful towns dappled green and red. There are loads of old castles, monasteries and churches to experience – many of which have been transformed into hotels that you could stay in.

Here are some of the most stunning places to ride:

  • Andalusia
  • Málaga
  • Castilla La Mancha
  • Pyrenees mountain range in northern Spain
  • The Alpujarras on the southern side of the Sierra Nevada
  • The roads around Seu D’Urgell, Sort, Tremp, Belaguer, Solsona, Cardona
  • Picos de Europa (mountain range)
  • Northeast of Valencia

Motorbike in spain by a lake

Once you’ve ridden as far as you can, stop for a break. Take advantage of the unparalleled food and wine and socialise with friendly, fun-loving locals. Then, be on your way again the next morning – heading for the horizon.

Image from you’re near the coast, stop at one of the many beaches and take a dip in the sea. If you’re worried about the heat, May is the best month for your motorcycle adventure holiday in Spain, but you’ll still need to be prepared.

Here is your essential kit:

And don’t forget that Spanish phrase book. Your Spanish motorcycle adventure holiday goes far beyond the beaten path. Once you get away from the tourist areas, you’ll need to rely heavily on your Spanish to interact with locals, services, and perhaps the authorities.

Here are some basic Spanish phrases that might come in handy:

  • ¿Cómo puedo llegar a __ ? – How do I get to __ ?
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta? – How much does this cost?
  • Busco un hotel – I’m looking for a hotel
  • ¡Lo siento! – I’m sorry!
  • Necesito ayuda – I need help

So you’re all set. You’ve planned your route, brushed up on your Spanish and packed your kit. Watch a couple more motorcycle films (check out The Wild One and The Motorcycle Diaries) and you’ll be raring to go.

Now for the serious stuff – make sure you have the correct insurance, driving licence and passport, and (unless you fancy pleading with the local police in Spanish) stick to the speed limit!

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