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4,000 Miles on an Electric Motorcycle: Elektrogirl’s Journey.

‘Are those batteries?’

Trui Hanoulle, aka Elektrogirl, is a freelance photographer and motorbiker who set to break conceptions surrounding electric motorcycles when she completed a round trip of Belgium to Istanbul on her battery-powered Zero DS. This epic trip, almost 4,800 miles long might seem inconceivable on an electric vehicle, but the technological strides made by Zero push the future potential of battery-powered motorbikes beyond any of our expectations.

Electric bikes don’t naturally go hand-in-hand with the idea of a epic, open-road adventure. Eco-friendly they may be but not for the long haul, surely? Trui proved this idea completely wrong with her epic journey across several European countries and back, taking her silent bike and camera through forests, moorland and desert to meet people in countries where electric vehicles are hardly ever seen. The Zero gained many admirers on her travels. Far removed from the expected stigma, Trui found that fellow bikers were impressed, “everyone thought it was great, people asked “batteries?  are those batteries?”.

Charging from anywhere

Still, one reservation sticks out, how do you charge it? Even in the UK with pioneering technology and increasingly eco-conscious road users charging stations are fairly scarce, so how could anyone expect to rely on them for thousands of miles in unknown areas? Elektrogirl said this wasn’t a problem for her though, as the benefit of her bike is that it can charge from literally any power socket. All she’d need is her trusty 10M cable and on average a full battery would cost her no more than E3.20. In Serbia, she stayed in a first-floor bedroom and threw the lead over the balcony, left the DS charging overnight and she was ready to hit the open road for another day’s drive come daybreak. The Zero series comes with a phone app tracking the exact status of the motorbikes battery meaning every journey can be planned to the mile. Trui used this to her advantage, planning her time and keeping the GPS set to the shortest route which took her through winding or unpaved roads, never skipping out on the most interesting parts of any leg of her treck.

electric motorbike on a dirt path


So why did Trui choose to switch to her electric Zero DS in the first place? In her words; “I’ve never returned from a test drive with such a big smile.”, and she immediately became a convert to the battery-powered ride. Zero are a California-based design studio and workshop who have gained quite a stellar reputation in their 10 years of production. Their youtube is bursting with gorgeous, atmospheric videos of their new rides, interviews with owners and behind the scenes at their workshop. Their goal is to create the most technologically advanced, and most beautiful machines on the EV market and they’ve more than succeeded with their sleek, silent rides. Trui’s DS is a premium example. Equipped with the patented Z-Force Lithium-ion batteries, she can travel further and faster than almost any other model. Its lightweight aluminium frame makes for a zippy ride, whilst significantly reducing CO2 and noxious fumes emissions.

Riding the future

When fuel prices are increasing, breezing past petrol stations on an electric ride is the dream of the future. With the sheer potential of Zero’s pioneering technology, the road ahead for electric motorbikes looks more like freedom than ever.


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