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Adventures Close to Home: UK Motorcycle Holidays

Getting on your bike and riding off to have an adventure might be a common daydream for dreary Monday afternoons, but it doesn’t have to stay as just a daydream. Even if you only have a weekend to devote to it, there are some great holidays you can have from on top your bike, right here in the UK.



Go on a Tour

If you like riding in a group, and having nothing to worry about except the road and the scenery, why not check out one of these guided motorcycle tours?

UK Motorbike Tours: UK Motorbike Tours are a small, independent tour operator running guided tours. They run a little longer than a weekend, but if you have the time, it could be well worth it, as they lead you over stunning roads between landmarks or breathtaking scenery. The Southern Comforts tour, spanning Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, is suitable for riders of any level of skill, while the the Lakes and Dales tour will lead experienced riders over winding roads, including the infamous Hardknott Pass. Prices start at around £500, with £700 being about average.


White Rose Tours: Known for running tours worldwide, White Rose Tours also runs a few UK-only tours, including the 3-day Captain Cook Country tour taking you over the Moors, Wolds and Dales of Yorkshire, taking you through great scenery and providing all your evening meals. There’s also an option to ride independently, with advice and routes provided. Prices start at £365 per person if you’re alone, and £355 if you’re sharing.


Curious about going further afield? Check out the our Top 5 Motorcycle Adventure Holiday Organisers!


Photo by NeONBRAND



Make your own way

If you prefer to plan your own adventure, or if the dates of a planned tour aren’t right for you, there’s nothing stopping you from going on your own ‘tour’ – whether it’s a daytrip, a weekend away, or longer. Before you head off, you can check with a website like Bike-Stay or The Biker Guide for places to park yourself and your motorcycle for the night. With a budget of about £200, you can have yourself a weekend break – bed, breakfast, fuel and all. Here are our two top picks for make-your-own bike breaks.


The ‘Lang Whang’: Spanning from Edinburgh to Ayr, the A70 is one of the most interesting roads you can have the pleasure to ride along – check out this video for a taste. Known locally as the Lang Whang (literally, a long leather bootlace; more figuratively, an exhaustingly long way), this road is rich with legends both old and new: the notorious Burke and Hare took their purloined corpses to Edinburgh via the Lang Whang, and in more recent days it’s become known as a UFO hot spot. Stop midway at Ravenstruther and explore the world heritage site of New Lanark.


Snowdonia: Starting from Porthmadog, circle your way around Snowdon in this mountain tour with breathtaking views, and lots of possible stopping points to take in the scenery or explore – visit Caernarfon Castle, ride through the Aberglaslyn Pass, or take a detour to visit Portmeirion. Snowdonia is one of the most beautiful places in the UK, and seeing it from the back of your bike makes it even better. Motorcycle News called Snowdonia “without doubt one of the best places to ride an adventure bike in the UK”. So why not go have an adventure?

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