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Motorbike Maintenance on your Adventures

Keeping your bike in great condition can be a challenge while you’re on the road and far from the garage, but there are some must-have products to stick in your saddlebags to keep your motorbike – and yourself – in top condition. They shouldn’t take up too much space and weight, and you can give your bike a once over when you make a pit stop.


Keep Clean


Smaller and cheaper than Muc-Off’s Ultimate Motorcycle Kit, the Motorcycle Essentials kit is lean enough to be easily portable, while providing you with everything you need to keep your bike clean on the road: Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, Motorcycle Protectant spray, a mico cell sponge, and a wheel and component brush to remove dirt from hard to reach areas. As a bonus, the cleaner contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents and is fully biodegradable, and the whole kit comes in a handy draw-string tote bag.


Another option for keeping your bike clean while on the road, Sikolene’s kit comes in a handy container and includes visor wipes, two microfibre cloths, and an alloy wheel cleaning brush. It comes with a liter of ‘Wash-Off’ and 500ml of ‘Pro-Prep’, giving you everything that you need to keep your bike squeaky clean.





For when space is really at a premium, but you want the ability to still give your bike a quick once-over, this is a great solution. Vulcanet degreases, removes bugs and tar spots, washes, waxes, polishes and protects without water, just spray and wipe.





Your bike isn’t the only thing that can get scruffy on the road; day after day of riding through wind, dust and rain, your leathers will probably be needing some love, too. With all-natural ingredients like beeswax and avocado oil, Renapur’s balsam can be used to give life and lustre to anything leather, making the material last longer, and it comes in a convenient can for easy storage.

Keep going


A set of three types of chain lube for all weather conditions, in handy travel-size mini spray cans. The All-Weather Chain Lube is ideal for bikes covering longer distances, so it’ll help keep your drive chain in good condition while you’re touring the open road.



This single can replaces an entire puncture repair kit – something that you definitely don’t want to leave at home, so if space is at a premium, get yourself one of these. Don’t get stuck with a flat tyre, just follow the instructions on the can and you’ll be good to go, at least for a few miles to get yourself safe and dry. Note that this will only work on tubeless tyres, and is definitely not a permanent fix!





If you run into trouble worse than a flat tyre and are stuck waiting for roadside assistance, this kit (compliant with European law) could end up being a lifesaver, with a collapsible warning triangle and reflective vest.






Now this could be a real lifesaver: a travel-size first aid kit with bandages, safety pins, cleansing wipes, and antiseptic cream all included. Conveniently sized and priced, there’s really no excuse for not carrying one of these with you on your adventures.



Now that you’ve got your kit all packed and ready, it’s time to hit the road. Can’t think of where to go? Check out our Top 5 Motorcycle Adventure Holiday Organisers.

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