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Safely and Cheaply Repairing your Bike while Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad can be freeing, but it can also leave you vulnerable if you’re unsure how things are done at your new destination. From ordering a coffee to renting a boat, you might sometimes feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.

The worst time to feel like this would be if your motorbike was in need of a repair as, traditionally, a tourist is often the easiest target for mechanics or salespeople to over-charge or lead on with mis-information.

Not every mechanic will be out to rip you off, but here are some tips to follow to make sure you’re confident when looking at choosing who to trust with repairing your bike abroad.


Approach multiple mechanics in different areas

 The easiest way to judge the fairest price for your repair is to ask around and compare costs. Make sure that you widen your search though, as close-together garages may share jobs or match their prices to catch you out.

If you have a particularly trustworthy travel guide, hotel worker, or local friend, ask them for recommendations of who they’ve used before so you get quotes from mechanics that have proven they can do the job well and for a fair price.

 Ask to see replaced parts 

 A common repairs con, according to RAC, is being charged for replaced parts that you never actually had fitted. To combat this, always ask to see the replaced parts once the job has been done, and ask to be talked through where they have been fitted so you can compare the old with the new.

 Get a written firm quote

 Another common rip-off comes from low quotes vs high actual costs. To avoid the horror of hearing a cost that is dramatically higher than the quote you’d originally been offered, always ask for a written and signed firm quote, and add a clause that says any additional costs must be agreed in writing with you first. By having a firm quote, you will be kept informed throughout the process, and any additional costs will only come from any genuine faults or changes that arise throughout your bike’s service.

 Make sure you’re covered

 Before you set off on your journey, make sure to speak to your insurance provider to check your breakdown cover applies to travelling abroad. That way, even if you do get stuck with a steep repair cost, you won’t be too out of pocket.

Photo by Anixa Harrison

If you have any advice from your own experience, leave a comment down below.

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