Travelling as a Couple by Motorbike

The trip of a lifetime, or just a weekend getaway; travelling on a motorbike as a couple can be exhilarating and extremely fun, but requires a lot of planning. From seasoned bikers to novices, a motorbike adventure is a fantastic way to bond as a couple and can provide unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime – not to mention lots of stories to tell the grandkids! If you’re planning a motorbike adventure with your partner, then read on for some handy tips for travelling with a pillion passenger.

Meticulous Pre-Planning

Before you set off on your couple’s motorbike adventure, make sure you have spent enough time planning and anticipating what you may need. Study the road maps and plan out your routes, research whether you will need to obtain any visas and make sure you connect with the right embassies to inform yourselves. Learn about motorbike maintenance in case you break down, and make sure you have the correct insurance in case of an accident or if you end up needing major repairs. Hope for the best, but also prepare for the worse and make sure you study where the local hospitals and health centres are along your routes. Remember there is always the chance of an injury, an insect bite, an allergic reaction or illness, so make sure you don’t end up caught unprepared and not knowing the local process for healthcare.

Consider a Tour Organiser

If this is your first motorbike trip as a couple, or all that planning seems overwhelming then why not book one that has already been organised for you? There are so many great companies out there specialised in organising motorbike adventures for couples and solo travellers, and they take the hassle out of planning. Take a look at BookMotorcycleTours and see if any of the trips on there fit your needs.

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Packing Tips

You might be camping out throughout the entire motorcycle holiday, or you might stop at local hotels or B&Bs. Whatever the case, you will need to make sure you are adequately prepared and packed. Packing for a motorcycle trip takes a lot of organisation as you don’t want to overload your bike and take unnecessary items. If it’s your first motorcycle trip as a couple, read up on some of the helpful blogs that others have written sharing their experience so you can figure out what you need to take. For a start, take a look at this handy guide with 18 things you must pack for any motorcycle adventure, and tailor it to your needs.

Roles & Responsibilities

Everyone has a role to play on a couple’s motorbike adventure and when travelling with a pillion passenger it’s important that one focuses on the driving, while the other takes care of the navigation. This is where your meticulous planning comes in. You might be wondering ‘but how can you talk to each other through helmets and the traffic noise?’ Well, why not wear intercoms so you can communicate with each other while riding? Take a look at this handy pair.

Patience & Communication

A motorcycle holiday for partners is a fun and unique adventure that provides a level of freedom that cannot be replicated with any other form of transport. But, like anything in relationships, patience and communication are key. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the road, camping out, eating tinned food, experiencing all types of weather, perhaps getting lost, and experiencing roadblocks you may not have planned for. Whatever happens, make sure you also take the time to appreciate each other, be patient and communicate. Avoid silly arguments and let go of things that do not help you have a positive experience. Remember why you went on this trip in the first place, and make sure you create positive lasting memories.

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